Wednesday, June 3, 2009

GEM at Stella D'Oro Striker Rally

You are invited to view Gloria's photo album: Stella D'Oro Demo May 30
Stella D'Oro Demo May 30
May 30, 2009
by Gloria

We had a about 10 Gemers out plus I saw other teachers who came out due to our emails. This worker support needs to be broadcast since we promote active-support and not just
the words and $$$ (not to negate importance of this) that the UFT leaderships may provide.

IN '07, the UFT and AFT were suppose to send $$$ to striking Puerto Rico - Utuado teachers as per 2 different resolutions but never did. Those resolutions get buried under the RW desk and into the nearby shredder.

Angel (we are in some of the fotos in the link)

From: Judy S Gonzalez
To: stella d'oro support google group
Sent: Monday, June 01, 2009 10:34 AM

This was circulated on portside labor with this link for pictures and text.
Check it out--and take the survey at the end--tell others to take the survey.
FW this to your friends, families others--(we should contact the author).
Portside Labor has a national following as does Daily Kos the website with the photos.


Photos from a Bronx Labor Rally: Boycott Stella D'Oro Now!
by Eddie C Sun May 31, 2009 at 06:06:59 PM PDT

I live in a Bronx neighborhood that is known for cookies. For my entire life I've been enjoying the sweet smell of Union Made Stella D'Oro cookies and biscuits. After the long cold winter that Brynwood Partners forced on the workers, those cookies don't smell so sweet anymore.

The owners are seeking to slash wages by as much as 25%, do away with Saturday overtime and impose a new, crushing, 20% employee contribution to worker health care benefits. They also are insisting on eliminating four holidays, one week of vacation, and all 12 paid sick days.

Yesterday there was a Solidarity rally in support of the workers who have been locked out of their jobs for the past ten months!

Too see pictures of this rally of about 1,000

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