Friday, October 23, 2009

GEM Supports PR General Strike & Joins 150 NY Protesters

(click title for YouTube video)

We of the NYC Grassroots Education Movement – GEM/UFT extend our solidarity today with the Puerto Rico General Strike of Workers. We join with our brother/sister Puerto Rico workers in echoing their demands:

NO to the layoffs of any public sector workers. Restore the public jobs of all fired 25,000+ workers.

NO to the privatization of public services which only serve the profiteering interests of corporate greed.

NO to the draconian Law #7 that has cancelled all public sector labor contracts and worker rights.

NO to the Puerto Rico Government’s attempts to criminalize and repress workers who exercise their human and democratic rights of free speech, assembly and organization

We stand united against this dictatorial corporate/government drive to privatize the public services both in Puerto Rico, here in the United States and here in NYC with the deplorable actions of Mayor Bloomberg.

GEM opposes the privatization and union busting of our public school systems, here and there, facilitated with autocratic mayoral control and private charter schools.


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