Friday, December 3, 2010

The latest list of the 55 schools potentially targeted for closing from the DOE

.... handed out at a briefing for elected officials after the release of the HS progress reports around 11/15/10.

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NY_I said...

It is outrageous that the elementary and middle schools on the list are predominantly schools with African-American and Latino populations.

Until this list was released the city principally closed high schools with African-American and Latino populations. Now with this list it is also targeting schools with working-class white and Asian populations, as in the examples of Grover Cleveland, John Adams and Richmond Hill High Schools.
As I've said at my site, the shuttering of large schools eliminates many programs such as diversity of foreign language choices, arts classes and numbers of guidance counselors, social workers or psychologists.
New York City Eye at
We've got to build a movement for a moratorium against the breaking up of these schools.