Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sing Along With GEM

 "which side are you on", (listen to pete seeger sing it here) 

Which side are you on

Gather round good teachers
Listen to my tale
Of how the ole DOE
Put  our schools up for sale

Which side are you on?
Which side are you on?
Which side are you on?
Which side are you on?

In nations the world over
Teacher unions rise
Its time in NYC
To open up our eyes
which side are you on. . .
Calling all stakeholders
Hold those stakes up high
Drive them right into the heart
Of the plan to privatize
which side are you on. . .
Come down to new york city
And look us in the eyes
Either you want community schools
Or you want to privatize
My momma was a teacher
And I’m a teacher’s son
We’ll struggle,  for our rights
until this fight is done

Sam Cooke's "what a wonderful world", (listen to sam sing it here)

What a Wonderful World

They don’t know how to teach history
They don’t know how to teach biology
They don’t know much about a science book
They don’t know much bout the cuts we took

but they do know how to close down schools
we’re fighting back you know that we’re not fools
what wonderful schools these could be

They know a lot about charter schools
And they think that merit pay is cool
They think kids are just high stakes tests
They don’t care about all the rest

Parents teachers students know there’s more
know there’s more to us than just test scores
What wonderful schools these could be
Now Cathie Black may be an A student
and that’s fine with me
and, I may be a great teacher, baby
but I don’t run a magazine
We know how to teach history
We’re good at teaching biology
We’re out here fighting for real reforms
We read a blog by a guy named Norm
Who are these deforms really for
Go down to wall street and take a tour
Just look in their wallet and you’ll see
and they do know how union bust
solidarity is a must
what wonderful work this could be

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