Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Coming to a school near you: Higher Class Sizes and Teacher Excessing: Are You Next???NEXT GEM MEETING: DEC. 7

Background Articles: 

"Class Sizes Grew in City Despite Deal to Cut Them" /18class.html?partner=rss&emc=rss 

"Bloomberg Plans to Cut 10,000 City Jobs by 2012"

NYC Public Schools are Under Attack!
    -NYC public schools are already criminally underfunded!
    -School-based budgets have been cut by over $400 Million since 2008!     
    -More cuts mean fewer teachers, less resources, and fewer programs for our students.
    -Budget cuts mean more teachers will lose their positions and become part of the        
     growing pool of ATRs
-Bloomberg's attempt to install a Chancellor with no education background and known for cutting to the bone is a sign of the upcoming war against teachers and the union

Join the Grassroots Education Movement
to find out how you can
December 7, 2010       
 5:00 pm Room 5409
CUNY Graduate Center
34th and 5th Ave., Room 5414 (Bring ID)
Trans: N, R, D, F, Q, B, W, V, 6, 1/2/3


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