Sunday, November 21, 2010


P.S. 050 Clara Barton
P.S. 102 The Joseph O. Loretan School for
Creative Arts
P.S. 107 John W. Kimball Learning Center
Cornerstone Academy for Social Action
M.S. 142 John Philip Sousa
Christopher Columbus High School
Fordham Leadership Academy for
Business and Technology
Grace H. Dodge Career and Technical
Education High School
Herbert H. Lehman High School
Jane Addams High School for Academic
John F. Kennedy High School
Monroe Academy for Business/Law
Global Enterprise High School
School for Community Research and
New Day Academy
Performance Conservatory High School
Samuel Gompers Career and Technical
Education High School
The Urban Assembly Academy for History
and Citizenship for Young Men
Knowledge and Power Preparatory
Academy International High School

P.S. 260 Breuckelen
P.S. 114 Ryder Elementary
P.S./I.S. 137 Rachel Jean Mitchell
J.H.S. 302 Rafael Cordero
M.S. 571
Boys and Girls High School
John Dewey High School
Metropolitan Corporate Academy High
Paul Robeson High School
W. H. Maxwell Career and Technical
Education High School
Middle School for Academic and Social
P.S. 332 Charles H. Houston

I.S. 195, Roberto Clemente
High School of Graphic Communication
Norman Thomas High School
Frederick Douglass Academy III
Secondary School
Academy of Collaborative Education
Kappa II
Academy of Environmental Science
Secondary High School
Choir Academy of Harlem


P.S. 040 Samuel Huntington
P.S. 030 Westerleigh
P.S./M.S. 147, Ronald McNair
I.S. 231, Magnetech 2000
August Martin High School
Beach Channel High School
Grover Cleveland High School
Jamaica High School
John Adams High School
Legacy School for Integrated Studies
Newtown High School
Richmond Hill High School
Business, Computer Applications and
Entrepreneurship High School
University Neighborhood High School
Washington Irving High School


Anonymous said...

Some of these schools are newly on this list. Where is this information coming from?

Anonymous said...

i go to Grace Dodge and im an 11th grader i think my school should close down i mean the staff has become so nice to us that when we cut class they tell us where to go so no one can catch us. And fights in the school have got so bad that now we have a new gang in the school and because there is this "gang war" going on we now have cops then not that long ago did a cop get shot in the back of the school by a weed dealer.I really think its best to close down my school so we can go somewhere better for us to learn at and be safe in.

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