Monday, January 10, 2011

Fight Back Friday: Wear Black and Take OUR Schools Back!

School Based Actions to Fight the Attacks on Public Education

Friday, January 21st Join Public Schools Across the City to Advocate for Real Reforms that Will Transform our Public Schools.

Press Conference @ 4:30 on the Steps of Tweed (52 Broadway in Manhattan)

Stop the Attacks on Public Education:

• Stop Closing Schools, Fix Them.

• Stop Charter School Co-Locations.

• Stop School-Based Budget Cuts.

• Stop Increases in Class Sizes.

• Stop the Overemphasis on Standardized Assessment: More Teaching, Less Testing.

• Stop Teacher Data Reports Based on Narrow Tests and Faulty Data.

• Stop Ignoring the Voices of Parents, Educators, and Students: More Parent, Educator and Student Empowerment, Not Less.

• Stop the dictatorial governance of our school system: Mayoral Control is Out of Control!

• No Layoffs of Teachers or School Personnel: Reduce the Bureaucracy and Fire the Middle Managers Instead!

Choose one or more issues that are important to your school community and take action:

• Wear black and/or black arm bands

• Hold a rally before or after school

• Craft a form letter or petition on an issue important to your school

• Pass out literature and education material before and after school


If you, your school, or your school community plan to participate in Fight Back Friday, let us know @ so that we can include you on our list of participants/endorsers and interactive map as well as provide you with a Fight Back Friday Toolkit! The Toolkit will include literature and educational material, media information, stickers, and sample materials to assist in your school organizing efforts. Visit our Blog @, visit and post to our Facebook page @ fightbackfridays, and post and send in your school’s perspectives, testimonials, videos and pictures of Fight Back Actions.

****Fight Back Friday will culminate with a press conference on the steps of Tweed @ 4:30. If your group or a member of your school community (especially if you are a school facing closing or co-location) would like to speak, contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you. Let’s stand up for public education together, and make our voices heard!****

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