Saturday, January 29, 2011

UFTDA Rally - Fix Schools, Don't Close Them!

DEC 15, 2010 City Hall. Watch interviews with the UFT rank and file that pressured the UFT leadership to call this rally held after the Delegate Assembly and was limited to those attendees and staffers.
The UFT did little to mobilize the entire membership. Massive fightback protests starting at each local school and citywide are necessary if we are to win against privatization, schools closings, charters, overcrowding, teach-to-test curricula, merit pay, loss of seniority rights, pension benefits, endless cutbacks, publicized teacher/student data, racist hiring & funding practices, and more that plague our schools.

Help build an effective fightback. Mobilize your UFT chapters, PTA, community groups, students and all activists against the drive to privatize public education services. Defend public education. Join the GEM movement!


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