Sunday, January 3, 2010

School Closing and Charter School Protest Photos

Photos of Protests:

Jamaica HS PTA President - Dec. 2009

Jamaica HS Students - Dec. 2009

Norman Thomas HS - Dec, 2009

CEC 1 meeting on Girls Prep Charter - Nov. 2009

Maxwell HS Protest: Charles Barron speaks, Michael Mulgrew listens


JW said...

Thanks for taking these.
Thanks for putting them up.

People are no longer silent.

Shame on the press for their continued censorship of this fight for public education.

Karen Del Sordo said...

"A picture is worth a thousand words" was never more true than in the photograph of the child holding the sign, "Where are we going to go." It was a moving depiction of the plight of helpless children under the thumb of a mayor with an ego larger than the city that he supposedly serves. The photographs clearly show the passion we feel over the tragedy that is taking place in the city schools. THIS IS AMERICA, not just for the selected, but for all.

Karen Del Sordo

3d studio max tutorials said...

Why do people leave the total education up to the teacher? I start with my own child and try to reinforce what is taught at school. If parents see substandard teaching then they should speak up, not just move. As for the way the children behave, check the parents not the school.