Thursday, January 21, 2010


Thanks to Ellen D. for the photos, which we're trying to re-mount on this post. Stay tuned.

Also see Maura Walz' piece at Gotham Schools.

Angel writes:
Thanks all for supporting in every way that you did to make this a historic & monumental day against King Bloomberg's threats to close 21 more of our schools in his quest to privatize. You made sun radiate on overtime this evening on behalf of our children. We have launched an unstoppable united movement of students, parents, teachers, labor and community and are beginning to unleash the mighty power of our awakening giant, our working class communities. The corporate billionaire thugs, represented by Bloomberg and Klein, will be stopped and pro-public education forces will prevail.

Let's find ways to build on our strengths and overcome the many weakness. It ain't gonna be easy but we've got no other alternative but to fight on. We have to figure out creative ways to build school-based
democratic organizations that will be able to take on the corporate-government DOE that relentlessly assaults our public education.

Please send us your reflective comments, perspectives and analyses regarding today's event,
the organizing efforts, where we are at and on what needs to be done. We can post those views on our websites and thus encourage the necessary dialogue, questioning and debate.

Keep on educating, mobilizing and organizing. Let's work to double, triple, . . . today's' 4 to 500 . . . next time !

Angel Gonzalez of the emerging Coalition TO STOP THE CLOSINGS & GEM

As I would tell my six grade students, you are:
"the bomb-diggety-cool-fresh-hip-hot-smokin-groovy-radical-dope-DYNOMITE!"
(say that 10 times real fast)


Anonymous said...

can't see pictures.

Grassroots Education Movement said...

We're working on it. Sorry for the delay.